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    Where the magic of yesterday meets the technology of tomorrow

    Hi, we’re Dana and Phillip and we started this company in Hawaii 5 years ago with a dream — to bring the magic and wonder of our favorite Disney movies into our everyday realities. Our business has always been led by a “what if.” Phillip turned to me and said “what if we 3D print these ears, no one has done that yet.” Since then, the what ifs have led us to some incredible ideas. Headbands that light up your ears, designs that have opening doors and working claw machines. The wow factor is extremely important to us because we are obsessed with bringing you the quality you deserve. We like to imagine that’s how Walt would’ve seen it – always looking for the next magic of tomorrow, and never settling for less. If you can dream it, you can do it. We wholeheartedly believe that. 

    So buckle up, it’s time to go on a magical adventure. An adventure where you could encounter a wayfinding princess, or a shadow man, or even ride a magic carpet. An adventure that allows you to escape reality, step into your favorite stories and walk the footsteps of your favorite character. 

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